In case of "Third party property Damage", bodily injury self or third party, or theft then the accident should be reported to the nearest police station under whose jurisdiction the accident occurred.
  The claim form can be collected from insurance office, dealer/repairer, and surveyors.  The same can be downloaded from website of concerned insurance company.
  You may take your vehicle to your choice dealer / Authorized service station / local repairs. It is advisable to get your vehicle repaired from a repairer having quality work.
  It is your prerogative to choose your repairer.
  You should carry original Registration Certificate, the policy Documents, the Driving Licence and FIR if any and same may be  left with repairer along with the respective photocopies.
  It depend on the extent of damage. You should check the same with repairer itself.
  After intimating the insurers, the surveyor will reach the repairer place in the minimum possible time .You should be assured that all the relative documents must be available with repairer so that the surveyor may settle the claim then & there.
  No. problem as long as the Act provision are complied with i.e. a sign of “L” written on front and rear.  A person having permanent license is sitting with you.
  (a). In case of private insurer they adjust the salvage at repairer place after adjusting the salvage value. Certain insurers destroy the salvage and adjust the value in claim.
(b). In case of insurer from Maruti the salvage will be adjusted by surveyor after consulting with the repairer/ insured then and their.
  (a). Several of private insurer pay directly to their approved garages but in case of their garages, you have to pay first and then the insurer will pay you after submission of bills and claim voucher.
(b). In case of the other insurer, first you to pay ---- and they will pay later after the bills claim, voucher and salvage memo.
(c). In case insurer through Maruti the payment will be given directly to the dealers/ repairer (Authorized).
  In case where the payment will be directly to repairer then the insured have to sign a discharge form and give writing about his satisfaction with repairer, before the insurer release payment and the clearance
In case where the payment will taken by insured after paying the same to repairer, they insured have to submit the bills along with the payment voucher, receipt  before releasing of payment.
  You will have to bear the :
(a). Depreciation as per policy condition.
(b).Reasonable  salvage value
  The policy pays full amount of the repairer due to accident / recovered theft and subjected to the condition of depreciation, excess and salvage value.
Incase of theft / Total Loss, The IDV(Insurer's Declared value) of the vehicle becomes payable.
  It will reduce your NCB to Zero in case of any claim in other words if the insured is enjoying the NCB up to 65%, then in case of one claim, the NCB will reduced to nil in the next policy.
  In the event of the vehicle being disable by reason of loss or damage cover the policy, the company will bear the reasonable cost of removal to the nearer but not exceeding in all Rs.1500/- in case of a Motor Car and Rs.300/- in case two wheeler in respect of any one accident. Any amount in excess of this has to be beard by insured.
  In case of any break-in insurance the same is to be informed to your agent.
  Incase of private insurer they bear the cost of P.I.where as in case of public sector the insured has bear the cost.
  In case of any break-in insurance the same is to be informed to your agent who will get the  message by authorized agencies try to give you any insurance.
  Incase of private insurer they bear the cost of P.I.where as in case of public sector the insured has bear the cost.
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